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I enjoy intercourse and am firmly interested in my spouse, but I have found it extremely difficult to produce love to their. I am afraid of getting bacteria or contracting an ailment from this lady. I am certain the woman is devoted to me and I don’t have any real cause to think she could have one thing i possibly could get, but I just cannot stop obsessing about this thereby applying antiseptic to myself as we’ve had intimate get in touch with. It is not simply body fluids which make me personally troubled, also kissing is difficult for me. We only been hitched for just two several months and my spouse, who was simply unaware of my issue until our wedding evening, has actually expected me to get some assistance.

Your problem is not really about sex. You may possibly have a mental condition labeled as obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD). It involves having particular compulsions you can’t get a grip on that can cause significant dilemmas in your life. You can also have invasive ideas, or traditions you can’t stop (such as for example counting or holding particular items) in other regions of yourself besides lovemaking. OCD is actually treatable (with intellectual behavioural treatment), therefore could be smart to look for some assistance from a mental-health professional right-away. I might additionally suggest that you look for couples therapy. It isn’t easy for a spouse to understand that folks with OCD are often ashamed of the obsessive behavior, and then try to cover their own condition, since you have done. Your lady, besides sensation upset your sex life is actually unsatisfactory, might also feel mad, rejected and even betrayed by you. Operate today to save the marriage.


Pamela Stephenson Connolly is a medical psychologist and psychotherapist just who specialises in treating intimate disorders.

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